We have had an exceptional number of abstracts this year and wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to present, but this means that we have a very full program.

Each room will have a PC/ Laptop and a digital projector. The larger rooms also have microphones. Presenters using the PC and projector should bring their presentation in PowerPoint format on a USB drive. There will be an opportunity to upload your presentation onto the PC at the start of each section in the programme. Each room will have a volunteer to help anyone with technical issues.

There are no printing facilities at the conference venue, so please make sure you bring any printing you need for your presentation.

Each section of the programme has a moderator whose task is to introduce speakers and keep everything on time. Each presentation has been allocated a total of 20 minutes – please prepare a presentation that lasts no more than 15 minutes which will then allow 5 minutes for discussion after your talk. It will be the moderator’s discretion to place questions at the end of each presentation or at the end of the session.

Presenters must register and pay the registration fee before the 8th September 2019 otherwise their paper will be withdrawn from the programme.


  • Posters must be no larger than A0 size paper.
  • Posters must be designed and presented VERTICALLY. Posters designed horizontally will not be accepted.
  • You or your co-authors are responsible for affixing your poster to the panels provided at the conference centre. Poster strips will be provided. Each poster panel will be labelled with a number, you will be informed about the number of your poster board before the conference. At least one author must be present during the poster viewing to explain your work and answer questions.
  • The poster should contain the title of the corresponding paper, the authors, institution and the institution’s location.
  • Avoid colour combinations which are difficult to read.
  • The aims of the study, the question to be asked or the hypothesis to be tested should be clearly and succinctly stated (in as few words as possible).
  • Briefly outline your methods. Provide details only for new methods or important modifications of older ones.
  • The conclusions should be succinctly stated in large type. Many attendees read this first, hence it should be easy to understand.
  • Please remove and take your poster with you at the end of the conference. We will dispose of any posters that are not removed by Friday, 15 February 2020, at 13:00. We will not keep or forward forgotten posters to any presenter.